Sunday, 29 April 2007

Bitch (n)

1. A female dog, fox, wolf, etc.
2. Colloquial (offensive) a woman, especially an unpleasant or bad-tempered one.
3. Colloquial to complain
Maquarie Pocket Dictionary

My inspiration for the name of this blog was my debating team. My debating team is made up of 6 girls, including me, and they are all such nice girls. But I thinking about how after every debate, we bitch (see no. 3 above) about the opposition. Take last debate (Thursday night). We dissed the opposition about every thing from their arguments to their hair (3rd speaker seriously needed a hair cut). Thus my conclusion: girls are bitchy. Even nice girls. We're not unpleasant or bad-tempered - we just have a tendency to complain. (It is interesting to note, that as a word synonomous with complaint, particularly among females, it has far reaching negative conotations.) Actually, I disagree with the above definition (no. 3). It's not necessarily complaining...more like insulting observations. That's what being a girl - and bitching - is all about. Though I have to say, while there are many nice girls out there, every one of them has made such an "insulting observation" at lease once in their lives. You don't have to be a bitch to be bitchy.

On an un-bitchy (did I just create a word?) note, I was in chapel this morning (it's compulsory, OK?), sitting up at the very back. We'd just "exchanged the sign of peace" (shake hands and say "Peace be with you") and this girl, here Miss PH, who was in my unit in yr 9 but I have't seen much of since, ran around from her pew up to me to say "peace be with you" and give me a kiss on the cheeck. Aw. I was so touched.

For the official record, this blog was started on 26/04/07.

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