Thursday, 12 June 2008

Pretty Girls All Look The Same

Kudos to Draven for posting about this Elle article about why pretty isn't always sexy.

Finally, someone recognises that beauty isn't skin deep - it lies beyond the surface, in confidence, intelligence, self-acceptance and personality. "In the fairy tale, Cinderella goes unnoticed until her appearance is magically transformed to match little girls’ ideal of loveliness, which they grow up believing is little boys’ ideal of loveliness. This belief is wrong, though. And I should know, because I’m a grown-up boy who longs for Cinderellas who’ve never touched a pair of glass slippers—who are plenty alluring barefoot. I prefer them to some princesses I’ve danced with. I prefer them—these unconventional-looking women who too frequently call themselves ugly or imperfect when they ought to call themselves perfecting—because their transformations are still ongoing."

Because what you see isn't always what you get. "[My mother] told me back in high school that there was often an inverse relationship between a woman’s superficial lustre and her power to entrance the deeper self." (So true.) The most beautiful thing about any woman is her abilty to be herself, not the makeup or the clothes she wears. Generosity. Honesty. Sincerity. Kindness. A sense of humour. These are attractive qualities, not red lipstick or a strapless dress or a tan. Looks may be eye-catching, but character is captivating. "I hadn’t realized how many ways there are for women to be themselves—their best and most enchanting selves." A woman who is comfortable with who she is will always be the sexiest person in the room, because her smile is genuine, her laughter is real and she says what she thinks.

It's like Dwayne says in Little Miss Sunshine: "You know what? Fuck beauty contests. Life is one fucking beauty contest after another. School, then college, then work... Fuck that." Fuck this superficial society that says we have to skinny and blonde to be sexy, because we don't. All we have to be is ourselves.

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Nomadica said...

"All we have to be is ourselves". I couldn't agree more. And there are such few people who realize that, you know. And what's MOST amazing is that it's a BOY who says that..most GIRLS have problems accepting themselves. I myself included-I can't help hoping so many changes myself, even though I realize that it's pointless if I'm not going to be a nice person. Or even otherwise. What do you think of the whole plastic surgery movement? I completely detest it. If you've written something about it, do post the link.
What I love about your blog is that you write about your thoughts about issues of the mind but you balance this intensity with rant about your everyday life. Love both :)

Hope you're enjoying the rains!

Celise said...

A-men, sister. I really enjoyed reading that article, too.

draven said...

yeah! im right there with you, JAG. fuck this superficial society! by the time i was done reading that article, i was wanting to go out and find me a normal guy that looks beyond the surface.

and then i remembered what i do and realized thats not going to happen for a good long time. damn.

Kayleigh said...

Fuck vanity! Fuck Cinderella and all those fairytales! Thanks for that article JAG, I borrowed it for my own LJ. My sister is big on doing herself up like a doll and she's so pretty without it, I'll be showing her that article.

SKYLA said...

So true, so why is do people still think like that?
maybe it's a bit like racism used to be, really strong but will eventually get weaker through inspiring leaders and generations of time causing acceptance. I really think it's something that could go either way. With so much pressure on teens about body image, 'Too thin!', 'Too fat!' headlines screaming from front covers, maybe one day someone high up will do something about that kind of crap.
What made me laugh the other day at a friends' was when some (not particularly visually good-looking but not ugly at all) guys i know were rating women in a Glamour magazine. 'Yes'. 'No.' 'Weird nose.' 'Too skinny.' 'Scary face.' It made me laugh how critical they were about some really gorgeous people such as Penelope Cruz. But then that's what it all boils down to- beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and looks are only half of it.
Maybe one day this obsessive and negative perception of image will be given the same treatment as racism?