Saturday, 28 July 2007

The Bitch Review: Saturday Night Out

Tonight I went to see Evening with a friend. We must have been the youngest people in the theatre (I'm 17, and she's almost 17). Like when I went to see Calendar Girls with my father and brother, we were the youngest people in the audience (and my dad was one of the few males, too). In fact, come to think of it, I'm not sure if there were any men at Evening. That aside (although it was and tiny theatre, and not even half full), it was a good, but nothing more, film.

The Bitch Review:

Evening is a touching love story that explores the meaning of love, mistakes, relationships and happiness. Romantic, comic and tragic, the story moves between a mother on her deathbed, recalling her younger, fonder years, and her first 'love,' paralleling her daughters' own realisations about their lives, decision and futures. A cast of the big names in acting, including Toni Collette, who impresses as the 'unfulfilled' daughter, and Meryl Streep, who is equally wonderful in her unfortunately small role as the older, comforting friend, however, cannot save Evening from it's inconsequential end. While such a reminiscent love story can be a recipe for a beautiful film (see The Notebook), this in itself does not ensure a film's noteworthiness. Evening is both funny and sad, but Claire Danes seems forced in her role as the young girl she remembers she was, the mother's deathbed experience is sometimes awkward and confusing, the storyline leaves some desirous holes to be filled and the film ends somewhat abruptly. Essentially, it all comes down to Streep's comment that "in the end, so much of it doesn't even matter." Because in Evening, nothing seems to matter in the end. There is no point. Though it begins hopefully, as a celebration of experience, hopes, dreams and reality, it finishes much like the mother's life; unresolute, which even its Oscar winning cast can't save it from.

Summary: chick flick for older women*

*(it's not stricly politically (or respectfully) correct, but perhaps such a genre could be introduced, named menopause movies or movies for the mid-life crisis)*

Favourite quotes:

  • Most romantic: What if we just sang and laughed together... for the rest of our lives. [Buddy]

  • Most philosphical: We are mysterious creatures, aren't we? And in the end, so much of it doesn't even matter. [Lila]

And for anyone who's interested (i.e Miss SM) here's a photo of my 'prom' (prom, formal - call me American if you will) dress (though the dress looks better on me, of course):

It's Jessica McClintock , who does some absolutely gorgeous dresses. I could take my pick of any of them. My mum and I found this one in Macy's when we were in Hawaii for Christmas, and I'm glad we did; it's often when you're not looking for something that you'll find what you really like. I'm not trying to be philosophical or anything, I've just had a couple of rushed experiences in trying to find that something at the last minute, which is hard to do when you've only got snatches of time and weekend exeats in Melbourne. And I've already got my shoes (found - again, when not sought - for my house dinner, half price!)...All that remains is jewellery, make-up, hair and car!

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sara said...

Photo not working :( I guess I'll wait to see pics from the night then :)

"All that remains is jewellery, make-up, hair and car!"

... and date! Muhahaha.