Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Only unfulfilled love can be romantic?

Last night I watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and I have to say I wasn't impressed. I know it's supposed to be an exploration of love in all it's forms, and he did present some intriguing scenarios, but I would not call this Woody Allen's best film.

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I don't find Javier Bardem particularly attractive, but his accent was pretty sexy. The narration, on the other hand, was just weird and unnecessary, since, for the most part, it stated the bloomin' obvious: "Juan hurried out in the middle of the night." The music, however, was very good.

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I thought this was one of Scarlett Johansson's more convincing performances. Her character seemed fairly shallow, but she played the so-called free spirt Cristina better than I've seen her in anything else.

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Vicki (Rebecca Hall) was fantastic, rival to Cruz (no easy feat), a complex, emotional and uncertain character I could relate to. It's a cliche; she knows (and is getting) what she wants in life until she meets and sleeps with Juan, who turns her world and what she thought she wanted upside down, but it doesn't feel like an age-old story line. Except for Maria Elena, she is the most interesting character in the film, and Hall does her complete justice.

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Penelope Cruz is the real star, as the bitter, sulky, borderline madwoman of Juan's past who still and will always hold his heart. She smoulders, with intensity and ferocity, showing she is truly deserving of her Oscar.



Cordie said...

penelope cruz was so brillant and crazy in this.
i never love scarlett in a movie, shes always just good.


Sharanya said...

I SO want to watch this one! ARRRGH!

anahita said...

really? I absolutely loved this film, I thought it was one of my best of the year.

Arielle said...

Of course it's not Woody Allen's best movie. Woody Allen's best movie is Annie Hall ♥

Penelope Cruz was so funny in that movie. Because she's amazing. Also, I'm going to disagree and say that Javier Bardem is extremely sexy.