Friday, 26 November 2010



LOOK AT HER. She's sexy and vivacious and fun and FABULOUS and is gonna ROCK MY SOCKS OFF. So unprepared for such awesomeness that is going to BLOW MY MIND. ZZZZZZZZOMG!!!!!!!

Teenage Dream

Quite possibly my favourite video (except for You Belong With Me, obviously):


And maybe this one:

California Gays

(For more Ryan James Yezak brilliance, see here)


Thursday, 25 November 2010

Murder, He Wrote

My response (word for word, from my journal) to the closing arguments of a murder trial we saw in Boston.

WOW! Was today ever an EYE OPENER! The murder trial this morning was absolutely mind blowing. We were very lucky to be able to sit in on such a case – and to hear the closing arguments, a re-cap of the case! – but at the same time, I felt a bit guilty, like a third, unwanted party, spectator to their grief [the family.] The case was that of a young black 20 year old man who killed another 20 y. o. (black man) after a fight between them, allegedly over money. The question was, is it manslaughter (heath of the passion; provoked) or murder 1 (calculated, malice.) I noticed the jury was mostly white, with only 2 black members (a man and a woman) which seemed unfair, and this was something Denise brought up, that minorities should be entitled to minority juries.

The defence began by saying we humans are frail, emotion beings, and that the defendant completely lost his cool after being confronted and assaulted by the (now deceased) victim. What if came down to, between the prosecution and defence, was his (the defendant’s) state of mind. Can a reasonable person lose such restraint, blinded by anger and humiliation? The prosecution placed a lot of emphasis on a person’s ability to reflect, which I think may be somewhat overestimated in this case. I mean, if we’re all fired up, do we ever reflect, or simply find the quickest release for our fury, which in this case was revenge. On the other hand, I think the defence may have overplayed the ‘ego/manhood’ card – how much can you really argue that someone is more humiliated because they’re beaten up in front of their girlfriend, which drives them into a blind rage and killing frenzy?

But what it all comes down to is speculation, really – I mean how can we ever KNOW – especially in a case like this one – what was going through his head? The evidence can only ‘tell’ (or rather, suggest) so much. The rest is up to your lawyers to persuade the jury. Another curiosity was the clause of ‘cruel and atrocious crimes,’ and as one of the closing arguments noted, aren’t all crimes [i.e. murder] cruel and atrocious? [though I suppose some more so than others...everything’s relative.] What makes one any more so than another? The number of lives taken, and the way in which they were taken, I suppose, but all life is sacred.



Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The tassle worth the hassle*

I'm about to graduate!!!! December 13 is the big day. I finished all my classes and final assessment a couple of weeks ago, and made the Big Move out of college into my parents' apartment in the city (it's fabulous. I love having privacy. I'm even learning to cook for myself! Sara came over for steak on Tuesday, which was an adventure, but I'm pleased to say a successful and delicious and fire-free one) :)

Of course, I've got no prospects, with a Bachelor of Arts:


Although it's true, I've learned the invaluable art of essay writing:


Furthermore, I've been taught how to think, not what to think, which is obviously infinitely more worthwhile.

Kidding, of course! To be honest, I HATE all the jokes about how I won't get a real/paying job because I've got an Arts degree, how I'll end up working at McDonald's (serving all the Commerce kids, of course) or how I'll end up living in a cardboard box. For God's sake, get over your superiority complex, all of you! Your degree is no better than mine, does not qualify you for more than mine. The beautiful, amazing, talented, incredible Gem just finished a Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Writing and Cultural Studies) this year and already has a fantastic job lined up at an up and coming PR firm. She's going to go sensational places. The joke about arts is you do what you love, but you'll never make any money from it, and you've made the decision to prioritise the former over the latter. I don't think there's anything wrong with this choice, but I also don't think it has to be a dichotomy. Arts gives me so many options, and none of them include fast food, so screw you, I'm going to have a career I love and be successful at it, dammit. You can take your piece of paper and shove it, because mine's not going to define me.

After taking the next glorious year off, I'll come back to uni - hopefully MU - and do post-grad studies. I'm currently tossing up between a Master of Teaching (Secondary), Master of Publishing and Editing, and a Master of Development. I'm also considering Teach for Australia and maybe, just maybe, the Peace Core (probably a pipe dream.)

Sadly, though, we don't get hats to through, which is I'm going to do a Masters, so I can do this:


*Yeah. We'll see.


So guess where I'm going to be living for 3 months next year, volunteering as an English teacher in a primary school?





COSTA RRRRRRRRRICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to be living with a family near La Fortuna, helping teach english at the local primary school, from August to October next year. I'm doing this through i-to-i, who organise the whole trip (more or less), and with whom I am going to do the TEFL course. Which means I need to brush up on mi espanol pronto!!!!


Y'all may have got the impression that I spend most of my waking hours (and, let's be honest, sleeping) in a constant state of excitement. This is true, because basically, I'm a happy, upbeat kind a gal, and I always have something to look forward to :) however, with this on the horizon, I can barely contain myself. My life is perpetual caps lock, or as Sheldon puts it, "in the world of emoticons, I['m] colon capital D." :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D