Friday, 20 February 2009

The Bitch Review, Abridged

10 word reviews of 8 (recent) films. Jazzy’s idea.

the painted veil movie Pictures, Images and Photos

The Painted Veil

A beautiful English love story in China. Made me cry.

icon Pictures, Images and Photos

The Dark Knight

Intense, powerful, sinister; the Joker was spooky, Batman was raspy.

Mamma Mia Pictures, Images and Photos

Mamma Mia

Hilarious choreography; spectacular scenery; dubious singing; love Amanda Seyfried.

Changeling Pictures, Images and Photos


Angelina outdoes herself, but the treatment of women was horrible.

Harvey Milk image Pictures, Images and Photos


The power and passion of one man – Sean Penn – incredible.


Into the Wild

Emile Hirsch has never looked better. Moving story done justice.

Wall E Pictures, Images and Photos


Who doesn’t love this cute little robot with a personality?

Ironman// Tony Stark ish Awesome Pictures, Images and Photos


A funny action movie without a cliched romance? I'm there!



Arielle said...

Painted Veil = ♥

Julia said...

I love love love Into the Wild & Emile Hirsch in general.

lost within said...

The Joker !
He is my most recent infatuation...sigh

How have you been?
I quit blogging but I do check your blog every now and then ;)

Waed =)

Celise said...

Saw the last 20 mins of PAINTED VEIL and wish I'd seen it from the beginning.

Agree with you about THE DARK NIGHT. The Oscars should be interesting.

The only good thing about MAMMA MIA was the location. I lost a little bit of respect for Pierce.

Never saw CHANGELING but my sister had good things to say about it.

Didn't see the next three.

LOVED Robert in Iron Man. He looked so hot!!

Kayleigh said...

MILK! I am in love with this movie, especially Sean Penn who I have developed a lot of love and respect for. He totally deserved his Oscar win.