Sunday, 6 July 2008

Two Nerd Pile-Up

Last week I saw Get Smart in cinemas, which I absolutely loved. It was witty, action packed, romantic, goofy, but above all, funny. Having not seen the TV show, I don't know if it does it's inspiration justice, but as a movie it was terrific, and the two leads - Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway - two of my favourite actors, did not disappoint.

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In Get Smart, the movie adaptation of the 60s TV show, Steve Carell is the klutzy, geeky but well intentioned analyst-turned-field-agent, Maxwell Smart, who always misses “by that much.” He constantly hinders his far more sophisticated partner, the mysterious and aloof Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway.) Carell is absolutely deadpan in his delivery which makes his character so earnest and endearing, while the banter between he and co-star Hathaway is both scornful and jocular. Smart and 99 make an unlikely pair in the field and discover that their rather unorthadox methods are surprisingly successful in exposing the nuclear exploits of CONTROL’s arch rival KAOS, but not without overcoming some of their issues of trust and love. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is surprisingly funny as the brute and agile Agent 23, and rubs up equally well against the blunt and defensive Chief (Alan Arkin). Sure, it's ridiculous and over the top and unbelievable, but it never takes itself seriously, and therein lies its hilarious charm.


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twocrazygirls said...

I loved this movie too. :)

rayne, having logged out of her email and being too lazy to log back in. said...

Ohmygod, it was HILARIOUS. Random gay movie humor never fails.