Monday, 1 September 2008


That's right, I have a job, and it's very, very exciting for several reasons.

1. It's my first job.
2. I really, really wanted it; it's at Boost Juice, only, like, one of my favourite stores ever.
3. Money! It's what the uni student lives for. That, sleep ins, and free booze.

Excuse me while I gush but I GOT THE JOB! I GOT THE JOB!

Again, did I mention I'm excited?!

The interview was Saturday, it was this HUGAMUNGOUS group interview (in Boost terms, an "audition.") There must have been, like, 50 people there. Mostly uni students, with a few school kids thrown in for good measure. It was a whole bunch of group activities, like making a dress out of newspaper and modelling it for the class group, writing a Boost jingle and performing it for everyone else, etc, in order to see how confident/extroverted you are, how well you work in a team, problem solving etc. There was an individual interview at the end.


Needless to say, I like them too. I can see this being a positive relationship.

Can't believe I haven't blogged for a week. The sickness really got me down, I spent most of last week in bed (watching Supernatural...) and not doing a lot else. Mostly avoiding class. Visited the doctor to get a medical certificate to legitimise my avoiding class.

In college we're having student executive elections, and this week is campaigning. I'm running for Arts and Cultural Rep (the person who organises all the intra/intercollege arts/cultural events, like debating and battle of the bands and theatre sports and parties etc.) 3 other people are running for this position, so I'm campaigning pretty hard. By pretty hard, I mean a few posters around college. They're clever, though, and funny, if I may say so myself, and people seem to like them. Whatever makes people vote for me!

Also on the weekend I saw the wonderful Melbourne Model: The Musical, the satire-cum-protest piece objecting to - you guessed it - the Melbourne Model. The Musical was utterly entertaining in every way, with outrageous musical numbers that insulted and imitated everything from Asia (one of my favourites) to the Last Supper to Kevin 07. The Musical tells the story of the ambitious Glyn Davis, who becomes Vice Chancellor to a desperate, cash-strapped Melbourne University, promising prestige and pay with the new "Melbourne Model," with it's six streamlined degrees that threatens the variety/obscurity of the Art department, particularly subjects like gender studies. Liberal member Wally Higgins Beaumont - played to a t by Joshua Lynzaat - follows drooling in Glyn's wake, his admiring, starry eyed, Melbourne Model lover. Meanwhile, Glyn's on a crusade around campus, cutting subjects left right and centre, despite the objections of the radical Student Union - "artists and thespians, Communists and lesbians" - who feel that Wally has double crossed them. Wally, however, soon sees the truth, when the VC cuts his precious Viking studies, and runs off to Canberra with Kevin and his "2020 vision." A devastated Wally returns to the fold of the Student Union, promising revenge and action.

The Musical is a comedy treat the whole way through, with almost every line being a gag, usually at the expense of someone else like Glyn Davis or the Provost. Every musical number is a sight to behold, with no special effects spared; there is smoke, bright lights, boy in tights and all sorts of fun to be had. Performed by the now defunct School of Creative Arts, The Musical is a last stand against the corporate takeover that is the Model. Its only danger is that it seems to become the Student Union it mocks, sending the message it tries so hard to send up. It does rather make one despair, however, for those losing their livelihoods, their passions and their dreams in the cuts to become the Melbourne Model, and you have to wonder if it will all be worth it in a few years' time. The Musical should be proud; they sold out both nights, and almost both matinees; they thoroughly amused many students, teachers and academics, and no doubt left an indelible imprint on those who saw this fine production.

Bathsheba, formidable head of the revolutionary Student Union

Gender studies. Enough said.

The whore man himself; Glyn Davis (not actually the man, but the impersonator, Nick Masters, who was fantastic)

Poor, betrayed lover and nerd, Wally

(More photos.)

Check out the trailer, which is almost as provocative as the real thing. Too bad it's over, or I'd highly recommend it.


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-M said...

wow, speaking of sickness/being in bed and work (which i congradulate you on majorly!)
it sounds very alike to my life a week back,
as i was in bed, OF COURSE on the exact week that my entire grade was doing work experience!!! and i got work at this cute little boutique bookstore too, anyway,
after only attending one day, and not going to school on monday and tuesday, i too had to get a doctores certificate, for the same reason,
fun fun fun
but other than that, life is treating me pretty well,
apart for assignments and tests,
but its okay, because i'll be in italy in just over a weeeeek,
how about you?
i hope you are well,
it appears so,
i should study, and im guessing you would care little about my rambling, so goodnight :P