Tuesday, 29 April 2008

What's the difference between a pizza and an Arts student?

A pizza can feed a family of four.


A few weeks ago, when I lunched with S on Southbank, we went to see St Trinian's, a light-hearted and very funny movie that takes the mick without taking itself seriously. It also has a great soundtrack.

That night, I saw Candida down at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image as part of La Mirada (an exhibition of Spanish films) with a friend from college who also speaks Spanish (probablemente mucho mejor que yo, porque ha vivido en Chile por un ano). Candida is a beautiful film, one of the most poignant I have seen. Both funny and moving, inspiring and emotional, it is a bitter struggle of one woman to keep her two unstable sons together as family and bring happiness into the lives of others.


Some two weeks ago, I saw In the Shadow of the Moon with my parents. It's a very powerful documentary about the Apollo missions, told through a combination of actual footage from the era - i.e. of Kennedy's challenge to land on the moon before the decade's end - and the missions, as well as recent interviews with the surviving astronauts who took the journey. What is so striking about these men is their down to earth character and jovial but touching recollections of such feats. For those of us too young to have even been thought of in 1969, this film captures significance and enormity of the landing on the moon, both for the US and the world, then and now.

We also went to the football, and we're going again this weekend.

Just a girl


Rayne said...

What a great title, by the way!
Just wanted to say that I linked you.

xox, raynex

Nomadica said...

The Apollo movies are really inspiring, aren't they? I've watched a couple of space movies too, they were AWESOME. Have you seen Apollo 13, with Tom Hanks? Its one of my favourite films..

Just a girl said...

Heeey Nomadica,

Thanks for your comments! =) No, I haven't seen Apollo 13, I really should, shouldn't I!


PS: thank you Rayne. As you can see, I have linked you too!

Drop a tear in my wineglass said...

I love going to football games - not that I've actually been to an official footbal game. But when I was in ninth grade, we had a small game - 9th graders against teachers (we were the first class to win over thme in seven years) and the rush is crazy! I feel a fraction of the same rush when I watch a match on tv, but I can't actually imagine how it would be to stand in the arena, or on the bleachers...
I hope you have fun this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hello hello. Glad to see I've been blogged about (I feel loved). But you left out the most important thing - the pivotal moment of our entire day: WE SAW DAN FROM NEIGHBOURS!!!!!!!

S xoxox

Just a girl said...

Hey S,

Nice to be commented on. =) Gosh, how neglectful of me not to have mentioned that...sorry...actually I did include it in the first draft of this post and then cut it because I ended up posting about films. Sorry!

Just a girl

Anonymous said...

You draft your posts! OCD much???
Haha that's attention to detail if I ever heard it. I thought the whole point of a blog was that it was meant to be an outpouring of the soul or something as equally emotional.