Saturday, 9 August 2008


Tonight I'd planned to go to the Melbourne International Film Festival (for better or worse, shortened to MIFF) to see Persepolis, which I've wanted to see for a long time. Much to my dismay, it was bloody sold out.

So I figured since I was in the city, I might as well see a film. Unfortunately, nothing much was showing at Greater Union, so I dashed on down to Melbourne Central to check out their selection. Fortune smiled on me, in that I was able to see The Bank Job, though I arrived at the theatre around the time it was supposed to start and had to wait in line for some ten minutes. I sat down just as the film began.

I'm still devo that I didn't get to see Persepolis - tonight was it's second and final showing (I couldn't go to the first, I had a compulsory class) - but I may just have to buy it on DVD, and I was glad to be able to catch The Bank Job, because it was showing as part of MIFF too, in it's earlier days when I wasn't in Melbourne. So all's well that end's well!

The Bank Job is based on the true story of the Lloyds Bank robbery in the scandalous seventies. Jason Statham - who else? - of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and The Italian Job, is the tough Terry, a family man and criminal-on-the-side who wants to make things right and break away from the shadow of the cozzers with enough security to make a new start. He accepts a high-profit - and high risk - offer from friend and supermodel Martine (the gorgeous Saffron Burrows), who's working for someone else. Terry has enough petty connections to get the job done, but they're being watched by various authorities, most of them corrupt. From politicians to policemen to porn kings, everyone, it would seem, is double crossing everyone else or cheating on each other. Photos of politicians in - quite literally - risque positions complicate life for everybody, especially for Terry, Martine and the gang, who are threatened on all sides when things go pear shaped, as they inevitably do. You couldn't write drama like this. Funny, thrilling, and suspenseful in a you'll-jump-in-your-seat kind of way, with an edgy rock soundtrack to match, The Bank Job is darker than Statham's previous criminal - and more light-hearted - endeavours, which may just make it better. The fact that it can't have a happy ending for everyone makes it more believable, and arguably likable.


Handsome Rob Jason did not disappoint. That face...that accent...that smile.

Now I'm going to curl up with a bag of Honey Soy Chicken chips (Red Rock Deli, of course, my favourite) and The Incredibles, one of my favourite movies.



Blue~Flame said...

good you caught a good movie...although i dont think its out in india..
i caught mummy 3, which is sort of soddy in a good way.the experience is on my blog for the world to see..

jacques du'loque said...

Persepolis was all that it was cracked up to be, and I even got to meet the writer of the graphic novel it's based off of.

By the way, hi again. I'm back. =P

Just a girl said...

You did? Well, damn your eyes. Which is just my way of saying I'm jealous.

Glad you're back. =)