Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Who is the World's Most Handsome Man?

Vanity Fair poll.


He has a certain aura that's hard to resist.

Well, he's hot, but I'm not sure he's all that.

Gael was something else in Y Tu Mama Tambien. Mmm...

Huh. Nothing special if you ask me.

It's true - some things just get better with age.

Oh James Bond...

Johnny Depp is like sex on legs.

Leo's a cutie.

Apparently this guy is a singer...and not bad-looking, either. Except that he reminds of Sandy Cohen - yeah, from the OC, but with much, much better looking eyes.

Well hola polo player!

Sigh. James Franco. Looks good all the time.

I don't know Hamm, but he's not half bad.

Hellooooo Hugh Jackman.

So I didn't know who this guy was - still not really sure - but damn.

I know some people have a thing for Clive Owen, and sure, he's suave for an older man, but I don't really see it...

Robert is cute, sure, but I'm not sure if he's one of the world's most handsome men...

Oh yes....

Not much wrong with this picture.

Am I the only one who's never heard of these guys?



Asmita said...

Unfair, they cannot have Beckham and Hugh Jackman in the same list. They are both equally hot.

But I'll pick Jackman. Coz I love him more

Sharanya said... do I cast my vote?!

I picked James Franco, over Leo, Hugh and Johnny. I never realized JUST how handsome he is.

Just a girl said...

Asmita: yay for Jackman! :D

Sharan: the link at the top of the page where it says Vanity Fair poll. I can't possibly choose! AHHHHH! But Franco is definitely in my top 5. ♥


anahita said...

OOOOH MY GOOSSSH, I CAN'T DECIDE!!!!! wow, I LOVE this post. ok. am going to read through all of them again....

I am SO torn between daniel craig, johnny depp, leo di caprio, james franco and clive owen.

I CANNOT decide.

This is like sophie's choice :(

OK. The key word is handsome opposed to drop dead gorgeous or incredibly'm going to have go to go with my life long loyalty to said man and choose leo...

runners up - clive owen and daniel craig. I feel awful :(

ok. sorry about the hormonal ravings. but seriously. WHAT a post. *beams*

Just a girl said...

Ha ha, I definitely know what you mean, don't worry! ;-)

If I had to rate - like, life or death had to -
Handsome: James Franco
Gorgeous: Brad Pitt
Sexy: Johnny Depp
Jump his bones: alright Robert, I wouldn't be able to resist. Besides, you're more age appropriate than Hugh.

You can imagine how much fun I had finding pictures! *beams*


Sonal said...

Hadn't heard of so many of them.
Superlatively interesting post and a tough choice! :)

I'm Sharan's friend, by the way. :)

jacques du'loque said...

Christ. We need to get you laid.

Blue~Flame said...

Hugh Jackman! Hugh Jackman1 Hugh Jackman!

And I have a HUGE thing for Leo!

This polls are so unfair!!!

Arielle said...


Also, Denzel is lookin' damn fine in that picture. He looks hotter when he wears glasses though.

sara said...

Holyyyyyyy shiiiiiiiiit. What an EPIC post!!! Hahahaha...

There are totally better shots of Brad Pitt floating around though ;) Just saying, 'sall... Those pics of Johnny Depp and James Franco are gorgeous though. -swoon-

I took a squizz at the poll link though. I CANNOT believe RPattzzz is winning by such a massive amount! He's not "handsome", nor is he a "man" - what an absolute joke!!

Sharanya said...

@ Jdl--

I'm not sure that would help, Jdl, she's still going to drool over these fellows =P

Just a girl said...

@ Sharan: true dat girl. ;-) Besides, if I ever get laid, of course I would only be imagining James Franco (or any one of these fine fellows or - chances are - Dev Patel) because, let's face it, no one will measure up.


Just a girl said...

@ Sara: good call! Also, 47954 for RPattz is srsly impressive! That's A LOT of fangirls...I worry in my sleep that one day they will take over da WORLD! It will be ze end of ze world (as we know it!) ;-)


Vini said...

Hey, JAG!

This was quite tough.. my blushes were flaming between Leo and Johnny, but I have a thing for white shirts and great smiles, so.. :)

Great post, btw :)

harshni said...

hand's down rob!! i mean @ the moment, he has everything going for him, so rob!plus he has a gr8 personality that oughtta count for something

larry said...

Jakob Dylan does kinda look like Sandy Cohen, but if you hook up with him there's the added bonus of breaking bread with his dad (Bob) over Thanksgiving dinner. That swings it for me.

Just a girl said...

@ Larry: ha ha, I never thought about it like that! I could totally suffer his eyebrows for a greater cause. ;-)


vicki said...

JAMES FRANCO hands down
geez...i love him so much XD

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with TAYLOR KITSCH!
he oozes so much sensuality, it's insane! you gotta watch him in Friday Night Lights and X-men Wolverine!