Friday, 3 August 2007

Casual Clothes Day

I love casual clothes days at school. Apart from the whole "what am I going to wear?" angst, and the whole extra "people are going to judge me" factor, it's quite interesting to see what other people wear (I'm not judging them; just what they wear!)

At this school, known for it's "trackies and thongs" trend, and generally trackies wear all year round, I think there are two kinds of casual clothes categories (and associated attitudes); casual (I couldn't care less) and fashionable (I'm making an effort). Casual is the girl wearing trackies tucked into her flats. Fashionable is the girl who was wearing navy skinny jeans, a cute, black 3/4 length sleeve jacket cape and white shirt this morning, and the same jeans, electric blue sweater and bright red patent shoes (with a tiny heel) this afternoon. She could pull it off (and look like she wasn't really trying.) And then there's the boys, a category unto themselves. Skinny leg jeans on girls generally look great (especially with a loose sweater or hoody) - but on most guys, they just make me laugh. They just seem so...flamboyant? pretentious? wannabe? posing? I mean, skinny leg jeans weren't designed for guys! (I totally agree with this guy's t-shirt!) I mean, what self-respecting guy wears skinny jeans, for goodness sake? They're just not masculine! (OK, so it's probably not the jeans I have a problem with so much as they guys wearing them; but in general, guys should avoid them.)

In less bitchy news, I'm going to see Harry Potter 5 on the weekend, and am really excited about it! I still haven't read the 7th book, but I will next weekend (exeat), after my English oral!

And in other school related affairs, I have finished and handed in my TOK Essay! Thank goodness - it's such a huge relief. I'm not stressing over it like I was the EE. But like the EE, it's this huge anti-climax; we've done a year and a half of classes to write a 1200-1600 word essay and a 10 minute oral, and when they're finished, it's over (hello, study periods spares!). I was actually really happy with the final product though (exactly 1600 words! - I love it when the word count works out like that!); thanks to Miss CM for helping me with my "personal voice." That's not to say it wasn't a load of mierda (it was) - but it was well written mierda!

Just a girl


Kimberley said...

nah i totally reckon skinny leg jeans work on guys... as long as the guy wearing them can pull it off with confidence... my friend always wears skinny leg jeans n they look awesome on him... he makes it a bit retro with the addition of a bright pink t-shirt & a cardi or sumthing like that n he totally looks the part

o yeh btw this is kimberley n i dont quite know how to use this yet hehe luv ya

Just a girl said...

Granted, skinny leg jeans look good on guys like Adam Brody - just not on guys at school (you know who I'm talking about) who don't wear the jeans, the jeans wear them! Plus, on immature guys like the ones we know that go to this school, they just look, well, try-hard.
Just a girl

Fabi said...

When I went to tegus I saw a boy wearing skinny pants and his girlfriends wearing loose capris. Funny sight reminded me of it.
I remember how much I loooved those days back in school, we called them "color clothes days". It was like my day to go from shy geek to foxy chic. Hahaha...oh my.