Thursday, 30 July 2009

New Obsessions

Pushing Daisies is such a bittersweet, lovely show. It's based on the premise that Ned has the gift of life, literally - with one touch, he can bring someone back to life. But the second touch is fatal. This becomes handy solving murders, working with his friend Emerson, P.I. to bring victims back to life to ask them the circumstances of their death. This, however, becomes somewhat problematic when he brings back the love of his life, Chuck, who he he lives and works with but cannot touch in any way.

It's fun and dramatic and over the top and there's a terrific love triangle, not to mention several secrets about Chuck.

Plus, Ned is really cute.


Weeds is one of my new absolute favourite shows. I'll admit I was skeptical of a show about dealing in the suburbs, but it's original, witty, and doesn't take itself seriously.


This is not, thankfully, Desperate Housewives. Sure, everyone may be screwing everyone else, but it's a mostly plausible plot about a housewife, Nancy, who needs to support herself and her two kids after her husband suddenly up and dies of a heart attack (in the first episode, no less.)

Finally, How I Met Your Mother, which I was also fairly disdainful of, but since watching a few episodes on the plane, am now gagging to watch.

Jason Segel is as fresh and amusing as he was in Forgetting Sarah Marshall (a movie I surprisingly enjoyed). It's a show about relationships, hook ups, friendship, the boundaries of these and, mostly, their exploits with women.

I know. I watch a lot of tv. But, as Eric VdW once famously said, "who watches tv on a tv anymore?"


Once You Go Black...

You know what they say.

Loving the campaign for the next film...

Must remember the boy is - well, same age as my brother actually. Totally acceptable.

He and Selena Gomez were cuuuuuute. Too bad they're not together any more.

Oh shut up people, I'm a teenage girl, I'm still allowed to drool - it's in my job description.

So pick your sides people - Taylor or Rob?


Wednesday, 29 July 2009

United States of Crazy

Tonight Australia finally got a taste for the show America has been enjoying for about 6 months now - the United States of Tara, starring none other than our own Toni Collette, written by the brilliant Diablo Cody. It's an hilarious but also saddening look at dissociative identity disorder - i.e. a woman with muliple personalities, who reverts into herself and becomes another person when faced with stressful and confronting situations.

Based on the one half hour episode I've seen, yes, I'm raving. Collette is amazing as all of her characters; we can't wait to see Alice, who we only got a glimpse of, not to mention the saucy 15 year old minx T and the gun-toting, root-tootin' hill billy Buck (as seen below, respectively).

With a young son Buck likes to call some varitation of "faggot," "homo" and "Marsha," a daughter who bought the morning after pill and is dating a "powerpuff boy," and a husband who can't resist the naughty, tempting T, this dysfunctional family is bound to get more interesting and entertaining by the week. The show is sure to go some ways towards filling the somewhat diminished (in terms of their greatness) hole on Wednesday nights left by the Chasers (can't believe it's the last War.)


Monday, 27 July 2009

You Belong With Meeeee*

God. I. love. Taylor. Swift. She has a terrific sense of humour, as demonstrated by this video, and she's incredibly - heartbreakingly - honest. A girl after my own heart. And swoon sigh - she's so beautiful...

Anywayz peeps I'm BACK and you should be TOTES excited because like you MISSED me and shiz, and you iz now computing with a PUBLISHED WRITER because someone got a review published in their university magazine! Towards the back, nice big article about a play (and how it was kind of overrated. Can't miss it.) So ah lil r-e-s-p-e-c-t if y'all don't mind.

But yeah, I missed you too bitches, hope you had a rad hol or watever, I know jdl sure did, but the rest of you can just drop meh a line or trez about what you bin up to, boys (or grlz, for my 2 males reders) you snogged seduced, exams you aced, eceteraaaa.

He he he Sara. Your brain is so toast. It never really stood a chance. See you tomorrow!

Can't wait to back and blogging. Like, fo real, nun of thiz interwebs crap.

Taylor Swift out!


*Story of my life.