Thursday, 18 October 2007

About the Girl

100 of the many things about the Girl.

...I am…

  1. a brunette
  2. shy
  3. stubborn
  4. impatient
  5. optimistic
  6. a Gemini
  7. kind
  8. sensitive
  9. loyal
  10. a listener
  11. caring
  12. a dreamer
  13. ambitious
  14. a perfectionist
  15. honest
  16. trusting
  17. responsible
  18. reliable
  19. a small town girl
  20. a farm girl
  21. right-handed
  22. a good girl (not to be confused with a goody two-shoes)
  23. independent

    ...and I love to...
  24. read
  25. dance
  26. listen to music
  27. sing
  28. write
  29. go to the football (I’m a Cats fan, and I am so thrilled that we finally won the premiership!)
  30. go to the movies
  31. spend time with friends
  32. travel
  33. act
  34. design & create clothing
  35. debate
  36. go to museums
  37. shop

  38. colour: pink. You can never own too many pink clothes. Or pink accessories.
  39. movie: the notebook
  40. band(s): U2, the Beach Boys, the Beatles
  41. song(s): can change on a weekly basis, however, some constant favourites are Waitress (the Waifs), Tiny Dancer (Elton John) & Sunday Bloody Sunday (U2)
  42. sweet(s): chocolate
  43. sport: netball
  44. restaurant: Alan Wong's The Pineapple Room, Honolulu
  45. brand: Alannah Hill
  46. store(s): Lush, Body Shop, Macy’s
  47. book: many, but the absolute favourite is To Kill A Mockingbird, followed closely by The Catcher in the Rye
  48. magazine: Vogue

    ...have I ever...?

  49. kissed a stranger: no. never been kissed
  50. had alcohol: no
  51. taken drugs: no, & never will
  52. smoked: no, & never will
  53. run away from home: no, never really wanted to either
  54. broken a bone: no
  55. got an x-ray: yes – my teeth
  56. broken someone's heart: not as far as I know
  57. broken up with someone: nope – never really had a relationship/boyfriend to break up with
  58. cried at school: well, yes, I am at boarding school, so it’s practically unavoidable (esp. considering homesickness, which I suffered badly in yr 9 & the start of yr 10. Then take into account that I live with girls. Bitch fights, anyone?) I believe in...?
  59. god: no
  60. miracles: yes
  61. love at first sight: yes
  62. ghosts: no
  63. aliens: no, per se, but who can be sure about other life forms outside our own planet or universe?
  64. soul mates: I'd like to - I'm a romantic at heart
  65. heaven: no
  66. hell: no
  67. kissing on the first date: I don’t believe in a rule to kiss or not to kiss on a first date; just go with it if it feels right
  68. horoscopes: no, but I read them for laughs

    ...I believe in...
  69. animal rights. Even though I eat (& love) meat, so much so that I can’t imagine giving it up, I think that animals can be killed without cruelty & that as a meat eater, I can still support animal rights; it’s simply a matter of choosing the products that you know treat animals without pain & suffering
  70. anti-racism
  71. anti-sexism
  72. gay rights
  73. equality for all
  74. helping those less fortunate than ourselves
  75. donating to charity
  76. giving blood
  77. signing petitions to make a difference
  78. pro-choice
  79. sex after marriage
  80. peace

    ...I want to…
  81. be able to help make a difference in the world
  82. succeed academically
  83. travel overseas (backpacking/Contiki style)
  84. work & help the underprivileged
  85. eliminate prejudice
  86. fall in love
  87. be able to grow old
  88. never give up
  89. get married, have children
  90. write a book
  91. be a good person
  92. keep my friends
  93. never be bitter
  94. always appreciate my life
  95. touch someone’s life

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toby said...

Wow! Impressive list! It will be interesting to check it in, say, 5 years time. Especially numbers 51-59!

As for 65 - intelligent girl like you, how can you doubt it?!

I wish you luck with 86-100.

Oh... and nice pic :)

Cordie said...

yayyyy woo wooo, great top 100

Anonymous said...

Hey man, great list! I just wanted you to know that you totally touched my life!! At school you helped me soooooooooooooooooooooooo much emotionally and academically.
See you soon!
Love from Joshua Lover!

phoebe said...

this is awesome and exactly what i i am like and think, with a few adjustsments.
my names phoebe and my email is
email em sometime. :::)