Wednesday, 16 March 2011

That Fearful Friend, Doubt

Now that I've been thrust out into the real world with no experience or qualifications to speak of - or at least working casually alongside people who actually venture out into the real world - I worry that I've done a dead-end degree which hasn't prepared me for any industry and basically renders me a useless, unskilled graduate. What the hell was I thinking? An Arts degree is clearly a luxury, and a waste of three years. Imagine what I could have been doing in that time - something more career-oriented, I'm sure.

Which is why I'm going to be doing a Masters in Something-or-Other next year.



Sharan said...

What? What?! No of course it isn't a waste! You wouldn't be the passionate, warm, strong young woman you are if you didn't have an Arts degree -- I mean you could, obviously, but I'm a strong believer in the fact that education contributes much to a person's personality! You could still make a career out of it -- I mean, a Masters does help, but it's not absolutely essential. Look at everything you've done; look at Oaktree, look at Borders, look at Youth Action (is that what it's called? I forgot, sorry) -- you've accomplished WAY more than most people do, with more "career" oriented degrees! You're anything BUT unskilled! You're one of THE most intelligent people I know!

Much love and hugs.

If there's anyone who is capable of saving the world -- it's you. THIS much, I know.

Anonymous said...

JAG, i hope this was just a bad day because something i have always always loved about you and your blog is your eternal optimism. whatever i was going through, whatever day i was having i could real your blog and laugh and feel good.

i havent been on blogger for a few years now, but i still stop by to read yours simply because it is so sunny and unlike the others. you are a smart, driven girl and the fact that you majored in what you love only proves this. i know it can be frustrating but just remember it takes time. you will get you where you need to be.

a friend xx


!♥ m i m i said...

You will find what you're looking for! An arts degree is most definitely not a waste of three years! You've earned it.. Good luck with obtaining your Masters! :D

Bill said...

If you can put together a blog and are a creative thinker and good with words, then I think you've got lots of marketable job skillz. :)

mishu blur~ said...

hi! i'm just landing on ur blog. reading your blog seem like reading a novel. haha.. but i like it! ^^

p/s: i know,my comment here not related with your post...teeeheee~