Sunday, 6 May 2012

More fun with words!

Thanks to this new Blogger platform (which is probably not that new, it just shows how long I've been away!) I can more easily see the key search terms that land on my blog. So again, for your entertainment, I present:

bitchy tumblr quotes

tumblr girl

an aussie sheila

macu pikcu

tan brunette country girl

aussie yobbo

brothers and new gumboots

globalisation and internet

i think therefore ib

my friends r my life
Those are in "order," by the way, of most frequent search terms that land here. My favourite is definitely that whacked up spelling of Machu Picchu (which you will only ever remember how to spell if you've been there or studied it), although a bit disconcerting that it redirects to this site...
I'd like to think people land here because I'm a tan, brunette country girl - but only 2/3 of those adjectives is correct. ;)


1 comment:

Tina Nandi said...

Haha! Fun! I should see how people land up on my blog!