Thursday, 10 January 2013

10 x 10

Some more ten word reviews of books I read on my Great Adventure in 2011.

Queen of Babble, Meg Cabot
Fluffy, predictable but fun YA romances. Related to talkative heroine.

One for the Money, Janet Evanovich
Plum – unlikely but kickass bounty hunter from Jersey – always entertains.

Three to Get Deadly, Janet Evanovich
Hilarious, sassy, stubborn, spectacularly uncoordinated – great books for light reading.

Ape House, Sara Gruen
Interesting premise but didn’t enjoy – no character depth, no empathy.

Psmith in the City, P. G. Wodehouse
Psmith: wonderfully arrogant, verbose, hilarious and witty. Well-intentioned or cunning?

An Ideal Husband, Oscar Wilde
Witty commentary on love and society; like Lady Windermere’s Fan.

Wives and Daughters, Elizabeth Gaskell
Over-the-top dramatic; hard to tolerate bitchy, flighty antagonist. Don’t recommend.

The Girl Who Married a Lion, Alexander McCall Smith
Vivid retelling of weird and wonderful African fables – lovely read.

Super Sad True Love Story, Gary Sheteyngart
Unsympathetic characters, but depressingly convincing technophilic future in economic turmoil.

Right Ho, Jeeves, P. G. Wodehouse
Amusing but rather repetitive story pitting Wooster’s wits against Jeeves’s. 

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