Monday, 12 April 2010

Isn't she lovely?

Dedicated to Anne Hathaway, because she is gorgeous, and also a little goofy. Yep, I've got a huge girl crush.

She is a goddess among women.



Arielle said...

She is awesome and gorgeous. I mean, yeah, Havoc was awful, but she's still amazing. Every person I know who hates her can't explain why, and I think it's because THERE IS NO REASON TO HATE HER.

Celise said...

She IS so pretty. I've always liked her. And it totally sucks that she got screwed over by that guy. I hope she finds a better man. Love the photo booth shots the best.

jacques du'loque said...

Your girl crush is acceptable. Please, carry on. ;)

Just a girl said...

@Arielle: ha ha, I'd never even heard of Havoc until you mentioned it, so I IMDb'd it and it sounds truly awful! But really, which actress hasn't done at least one horrendous movie in her time? Unfortunately it seems a Hollywood curse. Thankfully, she has managed to rise above it :)

@Celise: I know, isn't it just horrible? I feel truly terrible for her, and also Sandra Bullock. They both deserve so much better.

@jdl: I knew you'd approve ;)


Ryan said...

For once our taste in women coincide. :)