Thursday, 6 January 2011

Age of Innocence

The best thing about living in an apartment by oneself?

Being able to blast Katy Perry. Or Taylor Swift. Or Lady GaGa. Or GLEEEEEEEEEEEE - or anyone the hell I want, that's the point - no one to tell me no, turn it down, turn it off, I will not listen to that man masquerade as a woman!

I'm currently (and will be for the next six or so months) living in my parents' apartment, which is RIGHT in the CBD. It's sweeeeeeeeeeet.

God, do I love living by myself. Sure, it was lonely right after I moved out of college - it was to be expected, that after living with other people on an everyday basis for seven years. But I was ready to move out of college - three years was enough. Perfect, really. I love my friends, but I also love my space, and privacy can NOT be over rated. It's such a LIBERTY, such freedom - but let's not clue my parents into that, they'll want to rein it in right away.

Tonight I had a couple of dear friends over for dinner (I have discovered that although my cooking range is limited - my specialty is chicken (I can cook about five kinds) and pizza, but I can also do a decent steak if pushed, and an alright pasta - I love to entertain and cook for other people. I also do not cook well in a team - I am a lone chef), which was so much fun. After dinner (pizza!) we ended up swimming in our clothes in the gym on the top floor - I took them up to show them the view (it's spectacular) and we were lured by the warm water (despite the cool day). We didn't let our lack of what some would call appropriate attire get in our way - we simply got towels and shorts and got wet!

It's SUMMERRRRR, don't you know? The season of spontaneous swimming, of sunshine and singing and sweating and shopping and short dresses and style. And the city is my PLAYGROUND. I'm so excited about spending this summer in the city. I've never been in Melbourne for long around this time of year, apart from a couple of days around the Aussie Open. This city comes to life in the summer - it unfurls in the unfiltered sunshine - there's always something to see or do or hear or eat or try - have gelato on Lygon St, go to the Moonlight Cinema, watch Shakespeare Under the Stars, wander along the Yarra, linger over a breakfast of crepes on Hardware Lane, brunch on DeGraves St, catch a spot of tennis, be delighted by free MSO performances in the park, people watch from the lawn of the State Library, and FINALLY be able to enjoy a drink (or three) on the rooftop of Madame Brussels or the Carlton without wearing several coats.

There's romance and possibility around every corner of this glorious, gorgeous city.

It's going to a bloody awesome summer!



Sharanya said...

You make me miss you so much, so fast, so easily! I miss you, I miss you, I miss you!

And I want to be there right now! This is easily my favourite post on your blog.

Will write soon, after I get done with this darn essay (4K words, due Monday).

sara said...


* and miss you, maybe. i mean... of course :) love!