Thursday, 10 December 2009

the Big 2-Oh

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my closest (but unfortunately furthest away) friends, whom I count in my blessings to know and to trust.

Do you realise this is our 1.5 year anniversary?* I went back and found your very first email you sent me over the mid-year holidays, when you sweetly told me how much you missed my blog, and proposed the song-swap idea. Look at how far we've come! It didn't take long before the emails were about anything (and everything!) but music.

Thank you for always being there for me, despite the distance and the time and all the things that got in the way. I can't wait until the day we get to meet in person. Oh the fun we'll have!

Until then, take care. Happy birthday!! I know your friends will help you have a terrific time without me. And soon enough (although sadly not quite soon enough) there will be a little piece of me for you to enjoy!




Drop a tear in my wineglass said...

You're s sweet to your friends :)

Merry Christmas JAG :)


Anonymous said...

@ Diana:

Isn't she? It makes you cry, she is THAT thoughtful.

~ Sharanya