Friday, 1 July 2011

BOOKED: Hola, Costa Rica! Un mes mas!

July 28: Melbourne to San Jose, Costa Rica

[3 months, La Fortuna]

San Jose --> Panama [6 days]

Panama City --> Quito, Ecuador (November)

Quito --> Lima, Peru [tour - 20 days]

Machu Picchu [tour - 8 days]

Lima --> London (December) [5 days]

London --> Trondheim [staying with a friend on exchange - 5 days]

Trondheim --> Paris [staying with another friend on exchange on Lyon - 4 days]

Paris --> Madrid [
Spain by train with the family for 10 days or so]

--> HOME just before Christmas



Just Moi said...

WOWNESSS!!! just thought i would randomly check out blogs, and saw you had updated yours!! your holidays sounds AMAZING!! have a fabulous time :) thinking of you EM XX

Ryan said...

You got the first step figured out?!

Just a girl said...

@Ryan: I HAD the first step figured out - gainful employment! less like a job, and more like fun with friends that you got paid for! good money to talk about the shit that you love! - and then the system worked out I was onto too good a thing, and it collapsed. You can't win!

However, given the timing of it all, and the fact that I am successfully on holiday and living the good life, I think I got one over the system this time. ;)