Friday, 8 May 2009

3BT + 2

Today restored my faith in humanity optimism in life:

  • I sorted out my course! I had a lot of trouble getting permission to do a double major, but once I did, I'd already made my subject choices to do a lit major with some history and lit subjects. Long story short about how inflexible the university is, basically I have to do three second year and three third year subjects for each of my majors, with only two subjects left over for breadth. Doing poetry this semester meant I'd fall one subject short of fulfilling one of my majors, so today I'd either had to withdraw from the subject or get approval for it to count as a Lit subject. Fortunately, I got the consent so I'm well on my way to being a double history/lit major! This was a huge relief and very exciting.

  • I've got tickets to the Thank God You're Here audience this Wednesday, and I'm going with Sara!!! I RSVP'd yes today

  • I got a shift to work at Boost next Friday! I haven't worked there for aaaages...

  • I have a fireplace in my room at college. I have been putting it to good use this week and tonight. It is wonderful for congregation, gossip, toasting marshmellows, telling scary stories, watching movies, or just playing Uno.
  • Finally - and most beautifully - I caught up with a long lost friend today, and realised that friendship, pure and simple, means never running out of things to say, and that when you do, that silence is never awkward. I had the best time this afternoon, thanks girl!

Have a great weekend!




sara said...

- Can't wait for Wednesday!! Wooooot!

- Yay for finally getting your double major sorted. Silly uni bureucracy.

- When's your shift? I may come and visit you before/after class, I'm at uni from 11-1 on Friday's.

Just a girl said...

Late much? ;-)

-Dittooooooooooo! :D

-Totally. Drives me up the freakin' wall.

-3-7pm. Fortunately just before the college party. =)


Celise said...

Wow. Double major. Quite an undertaking. Good luck!

Sunday said...

So glad to hear that life is treating you well. A fireplace in your room. How shmancy! And tickets to TGYH! Can anyone say celosa?