Monday, 21 February 2011

My Superman

So, I've fallen for yet another boy with glasses (yes, I'm developing a type) and it got me down for quite a while because I thought he had a girlfriend (and would have been the second successive boy with glasses I've fallen for who was already taken...go figure) BUT it turns out (thanks to my extensive and persistent FB stalking) that he is single! Happy times! ...not really, because he still lives in Sydney. Sadface.

But he's super cute you guys, and he wears these GORGEOUS Clark Kent-style glasses, which I'm now going to dedicate this entire post to, in my usual obsessive way.

Yeah, he's almost as cute as this little guy.

The yummy Brandon Routh was also a bad boy on Chuck. Om nom nom.

While it's true that Matt Bomer and Colin Firth look fine all of the time, they just look better with the CK glasses...right?

Yours (as always) smitten,


EDIT: just to be clear, in case y'all are getting the (not entirely unfair, based on recent postings) idea that I'm about as superficial as they come and only attracted to someone based on their looks (I call it aesthetic appreciation), he's also smart, funny, fun and I need more reasons?

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