Monday, 27 April 2009


Anahita tagged me by request because we all know I'm a tag whore.

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1. Politics/Human Rights


Wow. Not vast at all. ;-)


Before last year, I didn't understand what left wing and right wing stood for, nor did I really care, until the American primaries got really interesting. I'm still not really sure where I stand in Australian politics - all I know is I'm not (the misnomer) Liberal. Australian politics just isn't as interesting as American politics (no comments from you jdl.)

I used to want to be in politics, you know. After watching West Wing I'm almost inspired to become one for the simple reason that it seems to be one occupation that can make a change and a difference in this world.


Which brings me to human rights. I always feel a little bit guilty that I'm not actually doing more. I was part of Amnesty International when I was at school, writing letters, petitioning for release of prisons and right to fair trial and the dismissal of corporal punishment and it felt good; it felt like I was working for a cause and achieving justice, somewhere, however small, in some neglected part of the globe. As it is, I've joined, Get Up! and Avaaz who send me emails updating me on travesties around the world. Get Up! has actually been able to have influence within Australian media and political circles, which makes me feel like a part of something, but it's a lazy sort of human rights activism don't you think, and rather emblematic of our generation; we care, but only so much as it involves us, and we feel we can act. Technology has desensitized us, made us apathetic and passive.


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anahita said...

damn, I still haven't finished my one of this! after exams lol...

anyway, I thought this would be a good topic for you :D I agree, american politics is so much more interesting, esp. when you've got someone like barack obama - someone you actually do believe in. I'm eligible to vote in about a month's time, but tbh, I'll probably just vote for someone like Gordon Brown, just cos I feel really sorry for him atm. Probably not the best reason to vote for someone but ah well...

I do sort of nothing about human rights...I have really strong views but I'm not part of any group or anything active. I wish I did more. I do sponsor a little girl in cambodia - but that's more tackling poverty than human rights abuse. Plus, I just give money - I sometimes wish I was really out there HELPING.

Given this post, I think you'll really like this:

I get chills everytime I watch it - it's just btw, the last 30 seconds or so about burma - I don't really know anything about lol. I am so not with current affairs.

ok, reaaaalllly lengthy comment,