Sunday, 26 April 2009

2 Years

Some of the things I've been blogging about in the past year:

Wordle: JAG

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It's been an interesting year - endless parties, turning 18, getting a job, fitting into college, not going on exchange, those exciting elections, discovering the American Dream, exploring my other half, overcoming crippling self-pity, affirming my belief, finding my political voice, fighting with the university to do a double major...

Hookahs + belly dancers for a friend's 20th

Battle of the Bands

Hanging out with my cousins

Hale'iwa, Hawaii

Dressing as a clown for Sideshow Week! Yes, I wore that impressive afro green wig nearly all week, everywhere - around the CBD, coffee crawling, bowling + galactic circus...I wore so much the freshers didn't recognise me without it! If you can't guess - I was a clown, of course =)

Moomba festival

Trivia Night - our table were Flappers!

Good times with Gemini picking out the ugliest dresses we could find in Myer. Gemini's actually looked good on her! Oh, and cuz you can't identify us by our lovely legs, that's yours truly on the right in the charming pink number (what else?!)

So whilst I'm hugely proud that my blog has made it thus far - I never had such humble expectations when I began it this time two years ago in a little room in a boarding house in my final year of school - and I've had so much fun during that time, it's been a bittersweet journey (god I hate that word, it's become a cliche.) The hardest thing I've had to deal with in this last year has been my grandfather dying. He suffered a stroke - his second - not long after we got back, and it was downhill for him healthwise from there. He passed peacefully yesterday morning. I still can't - don't want to - believe it.


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Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about your grandfather :( I know I was devistated when mine died. On the lighter side of things congrats for making it to the two year mark! And I love the tag thing its ace! Might have to make one too ...