Tuesday, 18 August 2009

*Le Sigh*

One of the few books to hold the distinction of being able to make me cry (even on re-reads) is coming out November 5 (Down Under - you damn Americans have it already, you don't know how lucky you are!) starring not one but TWO of my favourite swoon-worthy actors; Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana (insert massive amounts of Aussie pride here.)

I'm not sure how I feel about the film, given I love the book so very very very much and I have made a point of not seeing My Sister's Keeper because the book (which also made me cry, but is so beautiful and heart-breaking) because 1) they changed the ending 2) Cameron Diaz is not the lawyer-mother of the book and 3) it just seems like an injustice to the book. Much as I may love McAdams, she's not the bookish type I imagined Clare to be. Eric Bana can do little wrong for me (I haven't seen The Hulk so we can pretend that never happened) but he's not the womaniser Henry is supposed to be either. Also, although the special effects for his time travel aren't as awful as Twilight's "sparkling" Edward (oh god, the hilarity!) I'm not sure they're quite what author Audrey Niffenegger had in mind when she (or I) visualised him disappearing. But I really can't resist, so even if this film sucks compared to the book, I can drool.

And check it out: the title translates to Te amaré por siempre in Argentinean spanish, which means I will love you forever. Aw. And in German they actually have a word for time traveler; it's zeitreisenden.

Also: does a certain someone remember a young, dorky looking Bana from The Castle? Ha ha.



Sharanya said...

WTF?!?!?!?!?!!?!?! THEY'RE MAKING IT INTO A MOVIE??????????????? Oh my God, I want to cry!

I mean, that's a GREAT, GREAT THING! I only wish they hadn't given away the daughter bit in the trailer-- I mean, that's one of the big bits in the book, right? And I LOVE the look of the film. It looks like..they can do justice to it. Whatever it is. I mean, I guess they've changed things, obviously,but I like what they've done as far as I can see. And THE CASTING IS SO AWEEESOME! I can't think of anyone else who will fit in as Henry..OR Clare, for that matter. I think McAdams is perfect as Clare..she's not all that bookish in the film, as far as I can see, but we'll know.

Or YOU will. I don't think that this will come down to India anytime soon, as usual :'( :'(

(ERIC BANA IN THE CASTLE, HELL YEAH! I thought he was the most goodlooking of the lot, even back then. Tracey got lucky :D :D)

Tina said...

ooooh! I love both the actos! Eric Bana!!! EEPS!
Got to get my hands on the book before this comes out...
I haven't watched my Sister's Keeper yet - also one of my favouritest books ever. How can they change the ending?!?! That's TERRIBLE! But my friend Niru, (who also lives in Melbourne btw) said the movie was pretty good on its own.....

Cordie said...

this is one of my top 3 favorite books of all time, i love it and have read it what feels like hundreds of times. i saw the movie yesterday....***spoiler alerts below!***

so much is different, much more than i thought. almost ALL of the younger claire moments are gone, leaving only three. what made the book so magical was all of these moments. henry is made out to be perfect, which he wasnt in the book. ingrid, mrs. kim, celia...all left out. bana and mcadams were did wonderfully though. just go into the movie expecting it to be much different, and you may enjoy it. i did, despite all of this.