Wednesday, 19 August 2009


You'd be surprised, but there are some people who don't realise that Melb Uni - international institution greedy corporation it has become - is on the verge of merging with gobbling up the poor little VCA, who really doesn't stand a chance.

"The configuration of the VCA is a source of envy among international art schools. Nowhere else in the world are the six creative art forms taught together on the one campus, in the heart of the arts precinct of an appreciative and sophisticated city. The two models that informed the founding of the VCA in the late 1960s and early 1970s were Cal Arts and the Julliard School in New York."

I know you're begging - what can I do? Oh please, tell me, I'll do ANYTHING to prevent the Melbourne Model from spreading its evil disease!* Well, Friday is the uber-rally, when prominent industry members like Cate Blancett and Geoffery Rush are going to be there. 10am, St Kilda Rd entrance to the Southbank Campus (behind the NGV).

If you're not a Melbournite, apart from the obvious (what's WRONG with you?!) --> sign the petition! Yoo who, over here.

*My problem isn't really with the Melbourne Model; although I have epic issues with it, these are largely related to its infancy, the Arts cuts at Parkville (ZOMG don't even get me started on jobs and subject cuts^) and its inflexibility. I just don't think it belongs at the VCA.


^I'm not kidding - about half the lit subjects "aren't being offered in 2009" (read: suck it students this class is FINITO) not to mention almost all of the philosophy classes I was interested in taking and ALL of the now-defunct Diploma of American Studies classes except the overseas intensive one I was lucky enough to take over the break. It's getting to the point where I want to take all my second semester subjects of choice this year because I don't know if they'll be around next year!

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