Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Well Hel-lo, Sherlock!

Who's excited about Christmas Day?!



Drop a tear in my wineglass said...

jude law in any form makes me drool.

and who knew sherlock was so kick-ass!? I am totally looking forward to it :)

so nice to have you back btw. dunno if I already said so :)

Just a girl said...

Not much of a Jude Law fan but I'll take Robert Downey Jr any day of the week, esp chained to my bed naked ;-) LOL. The funny thing is I've been studying Sherlock Holmes (the Adventures of) this past week in my Genre Fiction class and compared to the books, it's incredibly bad-ass. :) Like, way more action-packed than the books. ;-) But totally awesome in a topless kind of way =)'

And thanks! Doesn't matter if you said it already, I like to hear it :)


Emma said...


Arielle said...

I can't decide if this will be a good movie or just a weird bastardisation of Sherlock Holmes.

Just a girl said...

As adaptations go, I don't think it will be great i.e. faithful - I'm just looking forward to the action and sexiness! :)


anahita said...

Well, hell-loooo Robert Downey Jr.

Cordie said...

HAVE BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS FOR A LONG TIME. rdj is one of my favorite men :)